Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZE / ZF

carl zeiss 50 ze zf icon

Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 is know for a few different names, Zeiss 50 1.4 / Planar 50 1.4 / ZE 50 1.4 / ZF 50 1.4 … No matter which name you call it, it is the latest generation 50mm lens from Carl Zeiss which is made in Japan by Cosina.

Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 is a simple and beautiful lens with full metal barrel body that feels solid in your hand and give you a little luxury feeling. The focus ring is smooth and very precise that give you a very high quality taste. The 9 blades aperture give you very soft and nice out of focus area blur.

Despite of the fine build quality and superb photo quality, manual focus is just not for everyone. However, for those who grew up with manual focus film cameras, Carl Zeiss would be a very enjoyable lenses that reminds you all the good old days.

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LCD Monitor for photography – IPS LCD Panel

lcd monitor ips
Recently I am busy with searching for a new LCD monitor. I found that is really difficult to choose a LCD monitor for photo viewing / editing which is affordable. My requirement for the photo viewing / editing LCD monitor are:

  • Color reproduction as good as possible, above 95% NTSC color reproduction
  • Resolution is high and pixel size is not too small, 1900 x 1200 (16:10) resolution with 24″
  • Reasonably quick response time, so I can use wild color range LCD monitor to enjoy watching movies
  • Affordable price, I spent a lot of $ on lenses not long ago…. not much budget left…. US$600

As soon as I start researching on forums, blogs and reviews websites, I learn that is almost imposble to find a LCD monitor that can fulfill all 4 requirements… Most of the LCD monitors on the market can fulfill 3 of the requirements; either the 1st three or the less three (the one can reproduce more than 95% NTSC color are too expensive)

Finally, I find the perfect monitor that fulfill all 4 requirements!

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Lens Cleaning

lens cleaning cloth
Lens cleaning is one of the most common problem for photographers. I think most of us has experience of carelessly touching the lens with fingers. The oil and fingerprint is really difficult to clean. I tried a few different lens cleaning products from the camera shop, none of them work as well as I expected (after cleaning, I can still see a thin layer of oil).

Finally I find the perfect lens cleaning cloth, not from the camera shops, but from a supermarket’s home cleaning department.

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Professional LED backlight LCD monitor – HP DreamColor LP2480zx

led back light lcd monitor
HP launched a professional LED back light LCD monitor with 131% Adobe RGB color (Over 1 billion colors in native mode).

The normal home use LCD monitors can only display 70% of the NTSC color. Some better / upper models can display up to 90% of the NTSC color; but 90% of the NTSC color is still far below the number of color that your camera can capture.

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France Street View

Do you like traveling? Our European tour continue to France this time. You can see a lot of beautiful places like Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Marseille and Nice.

You can now walk down the Champs Elysees, explore the old port of Marseille, journey along La Promenade des Anglais in Nice or take a tour around La Croix Rousse in Lyon.

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Spain Street View

Do you like traveling? Let’s continue our European tour, this time heading to the Iberian Peninsula with the launch of four cities in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

I invite you to visit Spain a country known for its architecture, culture and romance. Walk the boulevards of Barcelona and see renowned architecture of Gaudi.

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Italy Street View

Do you like traveling? You can enjoy the beautiful Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Milan (where I previously lived!) with Street View. This new imagery for Italy also captures some of the stunning views along the shores of Lake Como.

Here you can see a lot of nice places in Italy.

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Black Silicon may lead to new photo sensors

Photo sensor is the most important component for cameras. Camera manufacturers try every way to improve their sensors. Most users would like to have sensors that are big, with high sensitivity while low noise. However, there is a new technology that may change everything that we know about photo sensors.

A new type of material, accidentally discovered in a Harvard physics laboratory, could lead to more efficient ways of converting sunlight to electricity, communicating by light, and monitoring the environment for evidence of global warming.

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Best Photo Quality System – Full Frame, APS-C or 3/4 ?

sensor lens ratio

I read on a photography forum that members discuss which camera system is the best. Someone argue that Four-Third system is a new design that is completely optimize for digital cameras, meanwhile he also point out that FF is old and designed for frame cameras.

Well, that forum thread gets really long, over 100 posts. However, I am not agree to both side, I think APS-C size is the best, base on the Lens to Sensor size ratio.

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EIZO LED backlight LCD monitor – FlexScan EV2411W

EIZO LED backlight FlexScan EV2411W EcoView monitor

LED backlight LCD monitors offer benefits over current models: use less electricity, thinner panel, lighter weight, made of environmental friendly materials… etc

For those reasons, both Apple and Sony are offering notebooks with LED backlight monitor.

Eizo is famous for its high quality LCD monitors for professional use. If you are a serious photographer, I think you have heard of the name “Eizo”.

Eizo announced their new LED backlight monitor: FlexScan EV2411W, the first of its new “EcoView” monitors. This 24.1-inch widescreen monitor is ideal for corporate facilities as well as home offices requiring a high-quality monitor with minimal environmental impact. FlexScan EV2411W would cost US$790 when it is released.

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Digital Cameras – Photokina 2008

Digital Cameras icon Digital Cameras / D-SLRs / lenses are announced one after one within last few weeks, because of the biggest photography equipment exhibition of the year, Photokina 2008.

So many digital cameras, D-SLRs and lenses are announced, we almost lose count. I think we need a simple and clear list of all the newly announced digital cameras, D-SLRs and lenses.

Here is the list of digital cameras just announced…. Let’s start from 1st of July ….

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Digital Cameras, Digital SLRs, lenses financing on Amazon.com

amazon 12 months camera financing icon

Amazon.com is offering 12 months interest free financing for digital cameras, digital SLRs and lenses!

A lot of new digital cameras, digital SLRs and lenses are just announced / released in the past few weeks. Today I got a interesting email from Amazon.com…..

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Olympic Horse Jumping (Equestrian)

Olympic 2008 Last night I went to the Olympic Horse Jumping competition in Hong Kong! The event was quite successful and smooth, although there are 2 athletes fall down from the horses, luckily they are fine.

Here are some of the photos, taken with EOS 30D + EF 70 – 200 F2.8 IS @ F2.8 1/500s…

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Harry Potter half-blood prince trailer

Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the half-blood prince”’s website just released! A new Harry Potter movie is coming soon!

The movie will be in cinemas on 2008/08/21, Let’s watch the trailer!

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