Canon EOS destined evolution

Canon EOS destined evolution

Canon EOS 5D was introduced at 22th Aug, 2005, this is one of the longest lasting EOS digital model, over 3 years of life span!

From EOS 350D on, Canon used to upgrade the D-SLR every 18 months....  same case for EOS 20D > 30D > 40D > 50D and 300D > 350D > 400D > 450D ....  

Now Canon is showing "Destined Evolution", does it mean the long waiting time almost over?
Why would Canon keep 5D for 3 years?

I can imagine 2 reassons.
- Canon was researching on something totally different from the current technology and the new technology would blow all the competitor away...  
- There was no competition for full frame D-SLR

Anyway, let's wait for a few day longer to see what will happen....

Canon - Destined Evolution

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