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Subject: High Dynamic Range Photo [Print This Page]

Author: mc328    Time: 2008-11-24 01:03     Subject: High Dynamic Range Photo

When I was reading a photography website about High Dynamic Range techniques, the website shows some very impressive pictures.

Here is one of the impressive photos.

Image Attachment: 17-08-08_7370_68_69.jpg (2008-11-24 01:03, 293.04 KB) / Download count 4280

Author: mc328    Time: 2008-11-25 01:32

some more example of HDR

Image Attachment: tm530.jpg (2008-11-25 01:32, 192.34 KB) / Download count 4317

Image Attachment: Trencin_hdr_001.jpg (2008-11-25 01:32, 156.96 KB) / Download count 4117

Author: mc328    Time: 2008-11-25 01:46     Subject: My understanding of HDR

High dynamic range means photos with dynamic range higher than the maximum range offered by your camera's sensor.

My understanding is, HDR is used for situations that you cannot take the picture with "normal" settings of your camera; a composition of very bright to very dark areas on the same picture.

Here is a perfect example, the Sun was so bright that makes no camera can manage to take the photo with correct exposure of the sky and the sea. Without HDR technique, this picture would be a totally over exposed sky + a totally under exposure sea.

Image Attachment: IMG_4949-01_7-01_8-03_small.jpg (2008-11-25 01:46, 241.53 KB) / Download count 3991

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